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   MESSAGE:   (#239) Rat RH Map Server 


   AUTHOR:    Peter Tonellato <tone at mcw.edu> 

   DATE:      8/13/1999 

We are pleased to announce the Medical College of Wisconsin's Rat Radiation 

Hybrid Map server. This service is provided to the community through the joint 

efforts of the Informatics Research Center(Tonellato) and the Laboratory for 

Genomic Research (H. Jacob). The server can be used to explore the Radiation 

Hybrid Map and to place your own markers on the map. If you have suggestions 

or comments regarding the service or features you would like to have related 

to this please send me e-mail at this address or respond to this message 

through the Rat Community Forum. 

Peter J. Tonellato Ph.D.,Director 

Informatics Research Center 

Medical College of Wisconsin 

8701 W. Watertown Plank Rd. 

Milwaukee, WI 53226 


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