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Peter Tonellato tone at mcw.edu
Mon May 31 10:12:14 CDT 1999

We have built a comparative map relateing known genetic markers mapped

on mouse with those in

the human and rat.  This tool is not yet fully tested thus is not yet

available on-line.  However,

you can contact me directly for its use in your study.

Peter J. Tonellato, Ph.D., Director

Informatics Research Center

Medical College of Wisconsin

8701 W. Watertown Plank Rd.

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Sent: Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:56 PM

> Hi,

> Having found linkage to a genetically mapped marker in the mouse one


> search for candidate genes that are located close to this marker by


> the Mouse Genome Database.  I would like to do the same search in

the rat. I

> am wondering is there any database in the Internet that allows

screening for

> candidate genes in a chromosomal region of interest in the rat?

> Thank you for your reply.

> Michael Mahler



> Michael Mahler, D.V.M.

> Central Animal Facility

> and Institute for Laboratory Animal Science

> Medical School Hannover

> 30623 Hannover, Germany


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