[rat-forum] Re: Superovulation in rats

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Mon May 10 22:46:08 CDT 1999

>Dear rat lovers,


>Do you know the dosage  of PMSG  and hCG to induce superovulation in

>female rat?

>Can I use the same for the mouse?


For Fisher344 rats, use females 4-5 weeks old, 80-95g.  PMSG will not

reprogram the cycles of older animals.  Use 15 U of PMSG and 5 U of hCG.

In my hands, Sprague-Dawley rats were more difficult to superovulate, and

better results were obtained using minipumps dispensing FSH (but this is


Good luck.  Email me if you have more questions.  I've had reasonable

success in making transgenic rats.  And I am a rat lover!

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