[rat-forum] Request

smishra nobody at no-reply.mcw.edu
Tue May 25 22:13:08 CDT 1999

Dear Researchers,

Please I want to know the Normal concentration ranges of following in

rat's blood and rat liver tissue.

A. Glutathione (reduced)

B. Glutathione Peroxidase

C. Glutathione Reductase

D. Superoxide dismutase

E. catalase

F. beta-carotene

G. Retinol,

H. L-ascorbic acid,

I. Alpha Tocopherol

J. Zinc, copper, Manganese, selenium and Iron

Please if you do not  have all the information then please tell me

some other source. I need above information for academic purpose only.

Thanking You

sanjeev mishra

sanjeevm at iitk.ac.in

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