[rat-forum] Re: [rat-forum] How much allelic pleomorphism is seen in an inbred strain?

Michael Garrick mgarrick at acsu.buffalo.edu
Mon Mar 17 11:45:22 CST 2003

Milt - You didn't identify the strain - I have 2 comparisons where I don't have the data in front of me so cannot give you exact #s.

When we ere determining the Belgrade mutation (PNAS 95:1148 - 1998), we found several diallelic STRs in the Fischer 344 strain altho most were according to the MGH/MIT database. The background for the Belgrade was nominally Wistar so it had been maintained w/ occasional infusions from that strain, but we found that the Buffalo rat was a more likely original background and of course had multiple loci w/ more than one allele as a result.

We think that introgression and inability to drive nearly all loci to homogeneity are perhaps more a part of the history of rat inbred strains than of mouse inbred



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