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Simon Twigger simont at mcw.edu
Wed Mar 19 11:19:20 CST 2003

If people are interested in a survey of how homozygous some of the  inbred strains are, there is a page on RGD that lists the inbred  strains for which we have microsatellite marker data and has the  percentage of markers that were heterozygous when the genotyping was  originally performed.

The link to the ACP Strain Heterozygote Table is off the Strains page,hidden below the strain search form: http://rgd.mcw.edu/strains/

The data itself can be found here:


This data is a snapshot of how rats from these strains looked when they  were genotyped almost 5 years ago, however, it does give a feel for the  amount of heterozygosity one might observe in these strains. The best case was OM (1 out of 4246 markers was a het) the 'worst' case observed  was for MNRA/N which was still 98.5% homozygous (65 out of 4189 markers were het).




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