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Howard Jacob jacob at mcw.edu
Fri Mar 21 08:52:02 CST 2003

Several years ago, Steve Brown from Harwell, UK told me that the rat X was more similar to human than mouse.  Consequently, I would be cautious about the observed data.  It is also important to recognize that the sequence assembly of the rat will continue to evolve and improve as investigators study specific regions.

Howard Jacob

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Subject: [rat-forum] Chromosome 7 and Ohno's Law?

There  is a sizable segment of  sequence map and several genes on rat chromosome 7q36 that is present in mouse and human X.  Can anyone tell me if this is accurate?  The genome comparison maps I have looked at do not indicate a rat 7 to human and mouse X synteny,  but do show significant portions on Human and mouse X located in at least two other rat autosomes.

Is it really  true that the rat X is so different  from mouse and human X?


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