[rat-forum] Zucker-Brown Norway markers

Cathy Stein kasia at darwin.cwru.edu
Thu May 15 12:59:52 CDT 2003

We have recently received completed genome scan data from Marshfield for a Zucker-Brown Norway F2 cross.  However, we are missing informative markers in a few spots: chromosome 6 (0-30 cM and 60-80 cM regions), chr 2 (0-20 cM), chr7 (0-20 cM), and chr 8 (0-15 cM).  Because the Zuckers are not quite inbred, filling in these gaps is crucial.  Does anyone have any markers they can suggest for these gaps?

Thank you!

Cathy Stein
Genetic Epidemiology 
Case Western Reserve University
cmstein at cwru.edu

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