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Dear Dr.Chakrabarthy,

Your email could not have come in a better time. Dr. M . N.Gould at Madison has just published a paper on ENU mutagenesis:


Please follow this link to get an abstract of this article.  It is an advanced online publication in Nature Biotechnology. Most probably, this is a first for rat knockouts. Contacting him, you may get more information on how to obtain one for your neurological research.

If you need information on normal rat models used for studying various physiological processes, please go to  http://rgd.mcw.edu/strains/  from where you can directly contact an RGD curator for any specific questions.



RGD curator

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 I was wondering f you could help me.

 I am looking into some physiology of rodents, but was wondering if the rat knockouts and mutants are not very away in time or are they not really worth waiting for yet?

 I intend to start work, very very soon within weeks, with mutants and knockouts with neurological deficits, hence the query. If the rat knockouts are llikely to be available very soon then I might as well wait on them and start with them.


 Dr S Chakrabarty

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