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Thu Oct 14 11:38:24 CDT 2004

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Registration Remains Open for the 2nd Standards and Ontologies for Functional Genomics Meeting to be held at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA October  23-26, 2004

The 2nd Standards and Ontologies for Functional Genomics (SOFG2) Meeting will be held on October 23-26, 2004 in Philadelphia, PA USA.  Information about the SOFG meeting can be found at the SOFG site http://www.sofg.org/ or at  http://www.jax.org/courses/events/coursedetails.do?id=44 . Please visit this site for the REVISED schedule.

Registrations will continue to be accepted until the event has filled. 

Student support to attend is available.

Downloadable pdf registration form URL:


Abstracts submitted at this time will be considered for poster session only.  If you wish to submit,please follow the abstract guidelines:


The conference will focus on advances in the development of  standards and ontologies to facilitate the exchange of biological information by computers and computation analysis applications. A particular emphasis will be on developments in ontological annotation systems for the genomics and bioinformatics communities. Toward this end, students and established investigators from different areas of computer science, experimental biology, and bioinformatics will have an opportunity to share new ideas, demonstrate new tools and applications, and identify potential collaborations.

Topics include:

* Ontological Systems: Theory and Development

* Ontologies for Biology Systems

* Ontology Systems Development: Electronic Demonstrations

* Thesauri, Nomenclatures and the Biomedical Literature

* Standards and Protocols

* Functional Genomics Applications

* From Resource to Application

Plenary Speaker

Carole Goble, University of Manchester

Conference Organizers and Session Chairs:

Judith Blake, The Jackson Laboratory

Midori Harris, EBI-Hinxton

Win Hide, SANBI

Lynette Hirschman, MITRE

Suzanna Lewis, UC Berkeley

Helen Parkinson, EBI-Hinxton

Martin Ringwald, The Jackson Laboratory

Susanan-Assunta Sansone, EBI-Hinxton

Chris Stoeckert, UPenn

Please contact me with any questions about this meeting.

Nancy Place

Conference Coordinator

The Jackson Laboratory

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Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Phone:  207-288-6257

Fax: 207-288-6080

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