[rat-forum] ILAR Journal V4602 Enrichment Strategies for Laboratory Animals

Marsha Barrett ILAR at nas.edu
Mon Mar 7 15:25:42 CST 2005

Volume 46(2): "Enrichment Strategies for Laboratory Animals"
This issue offers valuable insights into implementing and achieving successful enrichment programs for laboratory animals.  A wide range of perspectives are presented, providing a solid basis for decision-making regarding the implementation and management of enrichment programs.  Current strategies for many species are discussed, including nonhuman primates, dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, and farm animals.  Collectively, this issue of ILAR Journal provides a benchmark for current thinking and future directions for the role of enrichment in achieving the highest standards of animal care in research settings. 

Articles included in this issue are:

*USDA Perspective on Environmental Enrichment for Animals
*Mandatory "Enriched" Housing of Laboratory Animals: The Need for Evidence-based Evaluation
*Stereotypes and Other Abnormal Repetitive Behaviors: Potential Impact on Validity, Reliability, and Replicability of Scientific Outcomes
*Balancing Animal Research with Well-being: Establishment of Goals and Harmonization of Approaches
*Potential for Unintended Consequences of Environmental Enrichment for Laboratory Animals and Research Results
*Modifications to Husbandry and Housing Condition of Laboratory Rodents for Improved Well-being
*Environmental Enrichment for Laboratory Rodents
*Environmental Enrichment for Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits: Requirements of Rodents, Rabbits, and Research
*Enrichment and Nonhuman Primates: "First, Do No Harm"
*Environmental Enrichment for Nonhuman Primates: Theory and Application
*Behavioral Management of Chimpanzees in Biomedical Research Facilities: The State of the Science
*Enrichment Strategies for Laboratory Animals from the Viewpoint of Clinical Veterinary Behavioral Medicine: Emphasis on Cats and Dogs

To order this issue online, go to www.nationalacademies.org/pr4601, or call 202-334-2590, or e-mail: ILAR at nas.edu

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