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  I agree - the "Construction" paper I attached in my previous email showed exactly that.  I have never seen PTH values that high except in raging primary hyperparathyroidism and really bad renal failure (secondary hyperparathyroidism).  My gut feeling is there is something wrong with the assay.  HR

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Hi Rajesh:

In my lab, PTH levels of calcium-replete Sprague Dawley rats are around 30 pg/ml and moderately calcium-deprived rats are 100 – 150 pg/ml (Am J Physiol., 1996, 270: R505-R517).  I’ve never seen a value as high as 1150 pg/ml and I doubt this could be obtained by stressing a rat.  My first thought on obtaining such high values would be to question the assay.  There are large differences between PTH assays from different manufacturers and some are more specific than others.

You would probably get a better idea of stress by measuring corticosterone than PTH.

Good luck with your renovations,

Mike Tordoff

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Dear Listers,
Could you please let me know what are the normal Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) levels in SD outbred rat ?
For the past six months , our animal facility is being renovated. Along with other mice strains,our SD rat breeding colony animals have also been exposed to construction related noise and vibrations.The scientist's have observed basal PTH levels of 1150pg/ml.I wish to know what are the reasons for elevated levels of PTH ?
Is it possible that noise/vibrations in the area surrounding SD rat animal quarter could have increased levels of PTH ?

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