[rat-forum] Resident rat stressed out...?

Nicole Cartwright littleoldvan at ymail.com
Thu Feb 23 11:20:31 CST 2012

My resident adult doe Belvadere has porphyrin around her left eye for the first time. 
She has always been a very heathy rat, and she shows no signs of that changing, except for the porphyrin.

Yesterday, I brought home a new younger doe from PetSmart, in a separate cage from hers. 
They have not met yet, but their cages are near each others.
This rat is curious, healthy, and has no signs whatsoever of any health issues.

*Is it possible that Belvadere is only reacting to another rat's presence and is stressed?  

And about the issue of the new rat being quarantined, no one will take her for a couple weeks, and I'm not allowed to have her in another part of the house.
I thought that getting Belvadere a mate was more important than the chance this new rat may have something.

*Do you agree?

~PLEASE let me know your thoughts on the matter. ~
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