[rat-forum] Rat genome scan

Michael Tordoff tordoff at monell.org
Thu Feb 28 10:25:35 CST 2013

Hi rat geneticists:


I'm interested in conducting a genome scan of about 400 BN x Lewis F2 rats.
I'm looking for a commercial or academic center that has the facilities to
provide genotypes throughout the genome.  I'm aware that KB Biosciences has
a rat SNP panel but I'm hoping there is something less expensive and/or has
denser coverage.  I'm also aware that Affymetrix has rat chips but can't
find anywhere that will analyze them routinely, and I suspect this will make
them prohibitively expensive.  I wonder if you have any advice for
inexpensive rat genotyping services?




Mike Tordoff




Michael G. Tordoff, Ph.D.

Monell Chemical Senses Center
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