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Hummel, Oliver o.hummel at mdc-berlin.de
Thu Feb 28 14:09:48 CST 2013

Dear Mike,
in case you did not get response from Max-Delbruck-Center, MDC in Berlin already, I'll initiate that herewith.
We designed the Affymetrix SNP genotyping array (RATDIV) at the MDC in Berlin, Germany.
As far I know we have processed and analyzed the majority of RATDIV chips at the MDC and CNG, Paris.
The  RATDIV interrogates > 800k SNP positions spread over the whole rat genome (except chrY).
I don't know costs and density of the KB Biosciences panel.
Please describe your approach and requirements.
I'll be happy to figure out, how we can help.

Best regards,
Oliver Hummel

At the moment I'm at MCW in Milwaukee, WI, USA.

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Hi rat geneticists:

I’m interested in conducting a genome scan of about 400 BN x Lewis F2 rats.  I’m looking for a commercial or academic center that has the facilities to provide genotypes throughout the genome.  I’m aware that KB Biosciences has a rat SNP panel but I’m hoping there is something less expensive and/or has denser coverage.  I’m also aware that Affymetrix has rat chips but can’t find anywhere that will analyze them routinely, and I suspect this will make them prohibitively expensive.  I wonder if you have any advice for inexpensive rat genotyping services?


Mike Tordoff

Michael G. Tordoff, Ph.D.
Monell Chemical Senses Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
e-mail: tordoff at monell.org
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