[rat-forum] RGD's newest tutorial video is a step-by-step guide to OLGA

Smith, Jennifer jrsmith at mcw.edu
Tue Nov 3 11:09:18 CST 2015

RGD has just released a new tutorial video that will step you through using the OLGA Object List Generator and Analyzer tool.  OLGA is a straightforward list builder for rat, human and mouse genes or QTLs, or rat strains, using any (or all) of a variety of querying options.  The new tutorial video will walk you through the process of querying the RGD database using OLGA, including

*         how to perform a simple query in OLGA

*         how to further expand or filter your result set using additional criteria

*         how to change your query parameters on the fly to refine your result set

*         what options OLGA gives for analysis of your list once you have it.

Access the OLGA tutorial video at http://rgd.mcw.edu/wg/home/rgd_rat_community_videos/olga-object-list-generator-and-analyzer, or follow the link in the Featured RGD Video Tutorials section of the RGD home page (http://rgd.mcw.edu).

Just want to try the OLGA tool for yourself?  Access the tool at http://rgd.mcw.edu/rgdweb/generator/list.html or from the Genome Tools page on the RGD website.

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