[rat-forum] RGD adds charts displaying disease and pathway relationships for miRNA target genes

Smith, Jennifer jrsmith at mcw.edu
Wed Nov 25 15:11:24 CST 2015

Now available on RGD miRNA gene report pages are Cytoscape-formatted displays showing relationships between miRNA target genes and the disease or pathway groups to which they are annotated. These are located in the 'Genomics' section of the report page, 'miRNA Target Status' subsection, beneath the list of confirmed target genes.

Red circles with their accompanying labels denote miRNA target genes. Labeled main disease categories are displayed as blue circles, and labeled main pathway categories as green circles. Toggle between gene-disease and gene-pathway relationship diagrams using the color-coded button at the lower right corner of the display. Click on a gene node to highlight the links to all the disease or pathway categories to which it is annotated. Conversely, clicking on a disease or pathway category node shows the links to all genes annotated to that disease or pathway group. Multiple disease or pathway groups and/or genes can be selected for simultaneous display.  A second click on a selected icon removes the highlighting of that icon and its relationships.  Click an unoccupied area of the diagram or use the 'Reset Chart' button at the lower right corner to restore the original view without highlighting. Zoom in and out on the diagram using your mouse wheel. Gene, disease and/or pathway nodes can be dragged and dropped to reposition them for easier viewing.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Click here<http://rgd.mcw.edu/rgdweb/report/gene/main.html?id=1349265#genomics> to view the diagram on the human MIR21 gene report page, or here<http://rgd.mcw.edu/rgdweb/report/gene/main.html?id=2325528#genomics> for the rat Mir1 gene page.

Links in this email:
RGD's Human MIR21 gene report page:  http://rgd.mcw.edu/rgdweb/report/gene/main.html?id=1349265#genomics
RGD's Rat Mir1 gene report page:  http://rgd.mcw.edu/rgdweb/report/gene/main.html?id=2325528#genomics

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